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Since 1937, the McCann-Healey Funeral Home has served the Gloucester City community and surrounding areas with unmatched personal and professional care. Our service to families in need has been defined by our commitment to excellence. We strive every day to meet the needs of every family we serve, and that is why we make ourselves available every hour of every day.

We encourage you to contact us should you have any questions, suggestions, or comments about the services that we provide; we may be reached directly at (856) 456 - 1142 or via email at info@mccannhealey.com

John A. Healey, IV
N.J. Lic. No. 4764

McCann-Healey Funeral Home

Wilma "Billie" Coxe | 11/23/2015
Ida DiClemente | 11/22/2015
John Hatterer | 11/21/2015
Marc Lacovara, Jr. | 11/21/2015
George Sturgis, Jr. | 11/21/2015
Joseph Cohen | 11/17/2015
Margaret Wyatt | 11/17/2015
Edward Milano, Sr. | 11/10/2015
Carol Ganczarz | 11/08/2015
Doris Brinn | 11/06/2015
Beverly Romando | 11/06/2015
Janet Maisan | 11/03/2015